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Rail Policing Security

Pioneering a New Chapter in Rail Policing Security: VIA Rail Police Service

VIA Rail Canada is pioneering a new chapter in railway history with its recent appointment of a Corporate Security department employee as the first Inspector of VIA’s new rail police service.

This represents the first time a Canadian railway company has achieved police services status under the Railway Safety Act (RSA) since CN Rail established their police service in 1923. The VIA Rail Police Service (VRPS) will work to ensure the security and safety of VIA’s employees, customers, and assets.


  • To deliver a professional, structured and comprehensive approach to the provision of security to VIA’s passengers, employees and the public in general.


  • To ensure the security of VIA Rail customers and staff.


  • The VIA Rail Police Service (VRPS) is committed to conducting only mandated or corporate sanctioned investigations support activities.
  • The VRPS is not an “armed” policing service. It is not intended to conduct law enforcement activities, but will assist police of jurisdiction in the collection of evidentiary information.
  • The VRPS is designed to coordinate security activities within VIA Rail’s areas of responsibility.?


  • Within the context of its mission and related activities, the VIA Rail Police Service will pursue its mandate through an open and collaborative approach.??


Complaint Resolution Process

Any person may submit a complaint relative to the conduct of a member of VIA’s Police Service in the exercise of his/her duties. The complaint must be submitted in writing and include the name, birth date, telephone number, mailing address and email address of the complainant.

The complainant must document the nature of the complaint, date, time, location of the incident and subject officer if known.

You may consult the Complaint Process relative to the conduct of a member of VIA's Police Service here.

If you wish to file a?complaint relative to the conduct of a member of VIA’s Police Service, you may fill the form to submit electronically. If your complaint is not related to VIA's Police Service, please visit the "Contact us" page.

Alternatively, you may submit in writing by mail at:

VIA Rail Police Service
ATTN?: Complaint Resolution Department
3 Place Ville Marie
Montréal, Québec H3B 2C9